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Breaking Down the Academic Essay Structure

Getting the essay structure right is one of the first things that you should do when writing your essay. This might come as part of your outline in your pre-writing. The structure is more important when you are writing academic essays such as argumentative essays and expository essays. Narrative and descriptive essays, being creative writing essays, allows you much more freedom in the structure of the essay. 

A free essay writer or an essay writer for that matter might mistake the freedom that you get from moving away from the classical 5-paragraph essay as a structured fluidity. No matter how you split your paragraphs, there will always be a structure in the essay. If you try asking a professional to  write my essay  he will provide you with best academic essay structure.  

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The main parts of the essay structure

The introduction

The introduction of the essay will give a context to the subject at hand and a little background information about it. This helps the reader place the information they already know about the subject. Presenting your argument without providing any context to your reader might lead them into the essay without knowing what to expect from the essay.

Every introduction will have a thesis statement that will tell the reader the main thesis that the  essay writer  is planning to present to the reader. The thesis can be an argument, a resolution, an idea, or a point about a subject. It is useful if the reader is provided with an overview of the thesis plan and how you are going to conduct your argument or analysis. 

The main body paragraph

The main essay body will discuss the main points of the essay or present the arguments or analysis that you have planned to support your central thesis. A single analysis or an argument can be discussed completely in one paragraph or it can be divided into many different paragraphs depending on the style of writing and the length of different parts of the structure. 

The main body of academic essays is where the readers expect to find your defense of the thesis and your analysis and observations as well. 

The conclusion

The conclusion of the essay reiterates the main points discussed in the essay in light of the thesis statement. The conclusion will not include any new arguments or points, but will only sum up those already present. The  paper writing service  write most accurate conclusions in their essays.

Components of the structure

The hook

The essay hook is a statement, a question, an observation, or a statistic that is there to entice the reader to read the essay further. It appeals to the readers' curiosity and their emotions.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement is the main argument or stance that you aim at proving or presenting in your essay. This is the central idea that each and every subsequent point should connect itself to. 

Topic Sentence

The topic sentence introduces to the subject the idea, point, or argument that you will discuss in the essay's body paragraphs. It is best to make the topic sentence prominent as it will allow the readers to connect to the arguments and analysis that will follow the main idea of ​​the paragraph.


The argument can be present in some of the essay types. Here you will use logical reasoning to show that your point is valid or that certain point of invalid. The rhetoric will focus on providing the argument with the authority needed for the essay and the quality of the logical reasoning. 

Evidence and examples

Without evidence or examples, the argument or analysis will just be ideas or theories. With the evidence and examples supporting your argument, you can back up your ideas and make them convincing.


The analysis of why the evidence or examples work in the situation is also important as it allows you to think critically. 


Lastly, you should make use of the counter-argument to your main argument and strengthen your argument by demonstrating why the counters fall short.

In the end, if you still want more help just find a good service online  pay for essay  to them and get your work done.

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